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Neoprene Face Mask - Fast Shipping from Ireland

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According to WebMD, neoprene facemasks can help stop the droplets that travel carrying nasty viruses and bacterias. Therefore we developed this reusable/washable cotton/neoprene facemask to offer some protection when out and about. These durable facemasks have a double layer of material. The first layer is cotton, and the second layer is neoprene. The inside of this mask is soft and fluffy. Due to the cloth directly touching the face, they are light, breathable, snug-fitting, and very comfortable to wear even all day long. The ear loop is stretchable and allows for a customized fit.

Is this a filtered mask?

This mask is not a filtered medical mask; however, cloth face coverings do provide some protection as according to CDC, some face covering is better than no face covering. In addition to that, the material is double - high-quality cotton and neoprene. It securely covers the nose and mouth, and due to the stretchable earloop, it allows for a customized fit.

Where are they made?

We manufacture these facemasks here in Ireland. Therefore, delivery times to Ireland and the UK are speedy (up to 5 working days). 

Are they machine washable?

The masks are machine washable; however, we recommend washing them in a handwash mode, at temperatures not higher than 60degrees.

Size guide

We recommend S for ladies and M size for lads

  S M
Center front height (inches) 5 ⅛ 5 ½
Earloop width (inches) 2 ⅛ 2 ⅜
Upper width (inches) 6 ¾ 8 ¼
  S M
Center front height (cm) 13 14
Earloop width (cm) 6 6
Upper width (cm) 17 21